Wednesday, March 6, 2013

since finding out...

we found out we were pregnant in late october right after doing a two-week cross country road trip from san diego, california to charleston, south carolina. 

while on our road trip, we hiked zion national park as well as arches national park and several other places in utah. we spent some time in new mexico and texas. surprisingly we found good vietnamese food in oklahoma. then we made our way through arkansas and stopped in memphis, tennessee to visit "the king" as well as nashville and knoxville. our last stop was in asheville, north carolina to visit a friend before we finally made it to charleston.

since being in charleston, our lives have not slowed down one bit! A's mom came to visit for christmas and we headed back to vancouver, bc with her to celebrate new year's eve with her and A's family. i was about 16 weeks along with baby O at this point.

while in vancouver, we were lucky enough to be a part of a good friend's wedding too! here i am about 17 weeks along. obviously, this was not my best photo, but hey, the day wasn't about me!

although things have settled a bit more since january, i've been nesting. i know, it's a little early for that but a girl's gotta keep herself busy! baby O will either love or hate all the little crafts i've been making for him. i've spent way too much time on pinterest!

A and i haven't taken many photos since october. but here is one of me showing off my baby bump. it's not the nice perfectly round belly i had hoped for but baby O is healthy and his kicks are getting stronger and stronger by the day. so here i am at 24 weeks at ace basin, a natural estuarine research reserve. baby O really wanted some sun! oh, not only did we see an alligator that day but we also saw a bald eagle!

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