Friday, April 5, 2013


last weekend i turned 32. sigh. my sweet husband planned a great weekend for me. on saturday, we went out for breakfast at one of our favorite breakfast joints. he also planned a spa afternoon for me, which included a prenatal massage, facial, manicure and pedicure. for dinner, we finally had a chance to try the fat hen. the genre of this restaurant was labeled as "lowcountry french" by a local food critic. it was quite good. we'd definitely go back once i can try some of their yummy sounding cocktails! 

on the day of, A spent the day baking for me. he started off the morning with fresh baked blueberry muffins. he ended the day with a nice two layer chocolate sour cream cake with bavarian cream and strawberry filling. he made everything from scratch including the cake itself, except for the bavarian cream which was leftover from my fruit strudel experiment some time ago.

look at this beautiful birthday cake! what you don't see is that A painstakingly cute out a dahlia pattern by hand and used that as a template to cake a dahlia motif on the top of the cake. he first sprinkled it with powdered sugar but didn't like the way it turned out. he then scraped the top frosting and tried it again and again with a combination of powdered sugar and cocoa powder. he finally settled on using cocoa powder solely and surrounded the cake top with sliced strawberries. i do have quite a wonderful husband!

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