Thursday, April 11, 2013

last of our travels before baby is here

we are spending the next week and a half in california! we're so excited to see all our friends and family again. first we're heading to san diego for a wedding and to spend a few days in our old 'hood. then we are spending the remainder of our time in san francisco visiting family. our baby shower is also on the 21st, and so is my BFF's! i'm so excited to see everyone but not excited for the super long flights we have to endure. there are no direct flights from charleston to anywhere! well, most places.

i'm 30 weeks and a couple of days along now. we got to hear baby O's heartbeat again this morning. he was kicking all morning and his heart is going strong beating at the high 130s to low 140s. in another two weeks, we get to see baby O again to track his growth.

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