Wednesday, April 24, 2013

our trip "home"

after spending 12 days in california, we are finally back to the grind. not like my grind is any different from being on a permanent vacation but A's grind is. despite the time difference and jet lag, he was up and at it again by 7 am est.

we began our trip in san diego visiting friends and attending a wedding. then we decided to do a scenic drive up highway 1 to san francisco. finally, we spent a week in san francisco hanging out with family and attending two baby showers, our own and my bff's. 

it's tough not living in california but we're working through it. we already planned our next trip to san francisco in september! baby O will only be about 3 months old then. so despite being so far from everyone, we are trying our best to make it out west as often as possible. when i say the west, it not only includes san diego and san francisco, but it also includes the great northwest, vancouver. 

pictures to come...

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