Friday, May 17, 2013

moving chaos

so A and I finally have a move date. yes, we're moving again only after seven short months of "settling" in to our current home. but this time... this time it's worth it. we are moving into OUR own home! that's right, it's ours, all ours! so friends and family, come one, come all. we have plenty of space. now you just have to make that three thousand mile trek to visit us. 

i can't believe we are cutting it this close to baby O's arrival. by the time we move next week, he'll only be four weeks from his due date. we're hoping he'll bake a little longer so we actually have time to unpack and settle in before his big debut. fingers crossed that our little man is happy and snugly inside. 

now time to stop blogging because it's time to start packing like mad! 

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