Monday, May 27, 2013

all moved in

we finally moved into our house last thursday but we are far from being settled. our painter has not finished touching up the door and floor trims yet and have missed a few spots even. there are boxes everywhere. we are still waiting for furniture that we just ordered online to arrive. the only room that is livable right now is the dining room which we've semi-converted it to A's office because of course the office does not even resemble an office right now. it's two chairs and a few boxes. the plan is to diy two desks from staining wood and attaching hairpin legs. then we'll take it from there in terms of decor. 

the room that we've put the most effort into is the nursery. although baby O will not be in his nursery for a while, i figured we should put something together so he at least has a space for all this items. i will post up pictures as soon as we're done and the crib is in. 

here is the chaos at our house...

this is all the furniture currently in the family room as we're waiting for our couches to arrive. we are still on a hunt for a nice ottoman as well. but again, maybe we should live very minimalistically.

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