Wednesday, June 5, 2013


baby O loves watermelon and i've been eating plenty of it. i can eat a quarter of a watermelon at a time. whenever i eat it baby O rolls his little foot around in my belly. he's considered "full term" now as i'm over the 37 week mark. in fact, i'm 38 weeks and 1 day now. there's been no sign of O coming before his due day yet. for the last two weeks i've been monitored twice a week to make sure O is not in any kind of stress and is receiving enough oxygen and blood. i was also monitored to see if i was contracting at all. at 37 weeks, i had zero contractions. yesterday at 38 weeks, i had small contractions about once every five minutes. they were so small that i had no idea they were happening at all!

A and I have been plenty busy around the house recently. the interior is finally painted. i am slowly decorating each room and trying to come up with themes. O's nursery has a fish theme. the half bathroom downstairs has a bird theme. A's office has a very many theme. we haven't quite decided on it yet but so far we have our cow hide rug, deer antlers, rabbit skins, and a couple of vintage furniture pieces in there. i feminized it by putting a couple of hydrangeas in there though. we're not sure what to do with our bedroom but have decided to keep it open and simple, no dressers in the room. just our bed and bed frame. we'll be quite minimalistic with the walls as well. we'll see how long that lasts...

in addition to trying to get the house together before baby O's arrival, we've been trying to adapt to this new weather system we have here. the weather has been very tropical, to say the least. there's no shortage of rain, as it comes when it pleases. with the rain comes thunder and lightening as well. but once it stops raining, it's quite humid. it's sure a change from the dry san diego weather we've been so use to.

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